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I truly appreciate Ben for helping me to find my future home. They are professional and helpful all the time. I will refer Ben to all my friends who want to purchase a home with no hesitation!
~ Jasmine

"From the very first interaction with Ben, I knew they had my best interests at heart. As a first time home buyer, the whole process was a little overwhelming but 604Presale calmly helped me find a home that was perfect for my needs. I can't thank Ben enough and would recommend Ben to any friends!"
~ Adam

“I had the pleasure of working with Ben earlier this year to buy my first home. They are trustworthy, reliable and efficient. As a first-time buyer, I did not know much about the real estate market. Ben, very knowledgeable agent, helped making my purchase much easier. They were very willing to spend time and effort to explain the current estate market, to understand my needs, and to analyze what kind of housing suited me the best. I could definitely felt that they stood by my side when selecting for the home and negotiation terms for the contract. I am very satisfied and excited about my new home! I would definitely recommend anyone to work with Ben!
~ Ida H.

I never knew Ben before. It was when we couldn't decide between the two properties which one to purchase, when we came in contact over the phone. After we decided to meet and discuss which one of the locations was best to purchase. By advising me the best price in the market and with their excellent professionalism I was very glad to find the right agent. I found Ben very reliable, fast and understanding with all kinds of expects in the real estate industry. Thanks you for all your help, service and advice and I would recommend you to anyone who is buying or selling their properties.
~ Debbie

Ben the Specialist is very knowledgeable in the condo market and provides excellent guidance. They are attentive to details and work very hard on behalf of their clients. If you are in the market to buy or sell a condo, I would not hesitate to recommend Ben.
~ Wendy W

Bought & sold 3 properties through Ben during the last 2 year. Other than being professional and courteous, Ben went beyond their duties to exceed my expectations. Great agent that focuses on results! Highly recommend for anyone looking!
~ Peter L.

It was a pleasure working with Ben. They thoroughly answered all my questions and were always quick to respond to my messages and calls. Ben gave me great advice and insight into what property would best suit my needs. I would definitely work with Ben again in the future.
~ Nathan W

We met Ben through his website. They were quick to contact us and find the best unit matching what we were looking for. From the very beginning, our agent was prompt to respond, and meticulously took care of our concerns all the way to when we bought our home. Looking forward to possible future interactions.
~ Mahdi

We recently purchased an apartment unit through Ben as the Agent. In this property search and transaction, they have provided us with valuable assistance. Ben the agent displayed a very high degree of professionalism; by explaining in every detail about the neighborhood and the unit under consideration, and by comparing the pros and cons of the different units we have viewed, to help us to make an informed decision. We would have no reservation to recommend Ben to anyone in their property search.
~ Leung

"My wife and I really appreciate with Ben service in finding a pre-sale condo for us. Their professional knowledge and efficiency has helped us to purchase the desirable condo with great savings. Definitely, we will recommend Ben to our friends and family members in the future for his great service."
~ Thomas H.

I am glad to say that within a week of meeting Ben, I finally purchased my first home! Ben took time to listen and understand what we wanted, was able to share valuable suggestions and was amazingly knowledgeable about pre-sale homes. Their experience and confidence shows. Ben is highly approachable, thorough, prompt in addressing every question/concern we had, and with emphasis, has absolute patience. It seemed as if they were shopping for themselves! We are extremely satisfied with our purchase that they recommended, and we feel extremely fortunate to have Ben guide us through the rest of the process. Thanks for making our home buying experience pleasant.
~ XT

Ben was very helpful in connecting me with pre-sale opportunities. I was able to get in early on the purchase and choose the suite I wanted, thanks to Ben. Also, they helped make the transaction go smoothly and helped manage meeting with the developer.
~ Ahmad G.

I am glad to provide you my testimonial: I truly appreciate their time and effort in securing my preferred unit on my recent purchase. Ben is very knowledgeable and is able to provide their detailed analysis in the housing market and buying techniques. I highly recommend Ben to my family and friends.
~ Vincent C, Coquitlam

We were very pleased with the attentive service from Ben. They got us a price that was much better than what we would have received on our own, and they answered all our questions and assisted us in getting more concessions from the developer. We hope to have them represent us again in a future purchase.
~ Gary C

Ben is proactive and comprehensive; They are always looking to attain the most favorable deal and is always available to answer my questions. They not only maintains a strong relationship with clients, but with developers as well, which in turn promotes better investment and purchasing opportunities. Exceptional service!
~ GC

It is indeed my pleasure to recall the rather pleasant experience of acquiring my unit with your "long distance" yet professional assistance. I would say from your prompt response to my website inquiries to the emails and phone calls over a period that included a long weekend and not be able to come into GVA during the entire transaction, we worked really hard to complete the necessary paperwork works. As the progresses towards completion in the coming period,I fully intend to relying on your exhibited competence towards marketing and divesting of my existing condo coinciding with my taking possession of the new one.
~ George Y, Calgary

Happy thanksgiving!!! We would like to thank you for helping us out for getting our unit at SOLO. I can't wait for it to be finished. Thanks for helping my godparents.... Thank you for helping looking for a place. I looked at updated website... I looks great. I will spread your name out to my friends and family... my mom was really happy that you are our realtor. Keep me posted about SOLO...
~ RY

Ben is very attentive to my needs. Ben is very knowledgeable about the current real estate market and always gives out honest and valuable opinions. They represent their clients' best interest where I rarely see from other realtors. Ben is never pushy and listens to my concerns and requests to find me good deals within my budget. Their prompt responses to my questions are very much appreciated! I would definitely recommend Ben if you need a reliable and professional realtor to find you great deals that save you lots of money.
~ Iris L.

Ben are one of the best realtors I met. They're knowledgeable about the current Vancouver housing market and outlook and provide an excellent and professional service. And most importantly they think in terms of their client's best interest. And that's what's important in what you are looking for in a realtor. Thanks Ben.
~ John C.

During my recent property purchase I had the privilege of having Ben represent me throughout the entire transaction. During this venture they always presented in an honest and professional manner as they delivered and their high levels of knowledge with upmost efforts, from start to finish Ben kept me confident that my purchase suited my needs and provided great value for my investment. I will look forward to working with Ben in the future and feel assured that this experience will repeat itself. Sincerely,
~ Paul T.

It is a great pleasure to write this testimonial for Ben who recently helped us secure the purchase of our apartment in Burnaby. Their sound advice along the way helped us big time through the journey. I especially appreciated that they replied very quickly to all my emails and they always kept us informed and up to date on the progress of the purchase so we were never left in the dark. In short, Ben is efficient, helpful, and professional and would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone. I wish them well and many successes in the future.
~ Marie M.

Ben is such a kind and thoughtful and in business these days it is very rare. You will go very far and it will be very successful. I would be more than happy to send business their way at every opportunity. I look forward doing business again soon.
~ Cynthia A.

Very professional and knowledgable in pre-sale real estate industry. Ben always strives for clients' best interest. With their professional and effective assistance, I have bought an investment highrise condo that I really satisfy. For sure I would recommend them to all my friends and relatives who may interest to buy pre-sale properties in BC.
~ Teresa W

As a private real estate investor, I have come to know Ben when I was trying to check out a new condo development in Burnaby, BC. I was impressed by both enthusiasm and the amount of networking they possess in the local real estate market even though the project did not pan out that time.  Since then, they have tirelessly shared valuable information regarding good real estate opportunities and their honest opinions on specific projects. I have since relied on them to help me look for real estate investment opportunities locally and they have not disappointed so far.  After acquiring a condo unit in Downtown Vancouver with their help, I have continued to search for other good investment properties which were often suggested by them.  In addition, I did not hesitate to refer Ben to my friends and families where some has already dipped into the market and obtained properties with their help.  As more opportunities loom in the future, I am excited to see and hear what they will bring to the table for us!
~ Michael L.

I appreciate your efforts and proficiency to put my benefit as the priority when negotiating my contract. Thank you for keeping me inform about the progress of the development and things to be aware of. 
~ Violet T.

Since the first time we had interacted with Ben, it has been nothing but amazing! They really takes the time to understand what we are looking for and provides us with tremendous details on the properties we had looked at. They will go above and beyond to meet our needs and is very thorough and clear in their communication. Ben regularly offers us insight on what various properties and neighborhoods provide and how they best suit our needs. They always have our best interest in mind, regularly suggests other options that within our budget and expectations, and constantly surprises us with advice on scenarios we wouldn't have even thought of. We have received nothing but fantastic feedback from all the developers that have interacted with them on our behalf. With genuine personality, it is not a surprise that my spouse and I have developed a trusting relationship with Ben. We have already purchased 2 properties with their help and look forward to working with them in the future.
~ Vincent C.

Ben introduced me some pre-sale units with good deals and gave me sufficient time to make a decision. He also passed a message to me as quick as he could so that I got a pre-sale unit right before its price was increased.
~ Carey C